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The new Functional Fitness Box at Otters Club has incredible views & is literally a stone's throw away from the sea. The new Box has 22mm rubberized flooring & has been equipped with 8 stations with each station allowing various movements such as pull-ups, squats, shoulder presses & bench press. Each station has a collapsible design allowing it to be flat against the wall when more space is needed for floor workouts. The box has been designed aesthetically & the layout ensures that all equipment is stored in one area.

The equipment consists of high-quality Barbells for men & women, Hi-Temp Bumper Plates, Wooden Plyo & Games Boxes, Speed Ropes, Wooden Rings, Parallettes, AbMats, Resistance Bands, Competition Style Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Peg Board, GHD Machine, Wall Ball Targets & a complete set of Dumbbells. Members can also enjoy rowing with Rowers from Concept2.

Members can enrol themselves in the functional fitness class or use the box while not in use by the class.

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