Cancellation Rules & Refund Procedure:

If you want to cancel the transactions due to any reason, you will first have to get in touch with the accounts team in OTTERS CLUB to provide reasons for cancellation of the transaction.

Cancellation of a transaction will be subject to approval and initiation from OTTERS CLUB.

Refund if any will be initiated offline by OTTERS CLUB, post approval.

Rules for Online Bill Payment and Smart Card Top Up recharge

  • Minimum online transaction can be of Rs 50/-.
  • Online payment can be made for monthly bills and/or smart card top up.
  • Online payment made for monthly bills would be reflected in club records after one hour. In case of online Smart Card Top up, the smart card would be credited will after one hour.
  • Online receipt will be generated once payment is made.
  • Members can view and download last 6 months bills from the website.
  • Part settlement (payment) of the bill by Top up card will not be possible while using club's outlets.
  • Bank charges will be levied as applicable.