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9.30AM to 9.30PM

The Otters Club Library is a veritable treasure trove of books. Here, you will find all genres, for all moods and all intellectual requirements from fiction to non-fiction, from biographies to memoirs, from management to self-help, from religion to philosophy, from romance to thrillers. Additionally, there are the classics, encyclopedias, cookbooks, magazines, books on astrology, and, of course, theflavour of the season: the best-sellers of today. We pride ourselves on having the largest mix, the largest variety, catalogued and displayed in a convenient easy-to-find manner. All this in order to give books the respect they deserve. What is more, we have also launched the Otters Book Club, which will bring you, on a monthly basis, exciting readings and author interactions. Just so that your love for reading becomes a truly absorbing and stimulating experience.

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