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6.00AM to 11.00AM

The Otters pool is Special! During the past 43 years, the Otters Swim Team has established itself as one of the best swimming teams in Maharashtra and one of the top club teams in India. More important than accomplishments alone, The Otters Club takes pride in offering a program for all ages and ability levels. Swimming builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of good physical and mental health by teaching time management, self-discipline and healthy fitness habits.

Whether it's toddlers getting familiar with the water for the first time or seniors coming for their daily dose of physio, the club pool offers a high quality swimming pool with activities for all ages and swimming capabilities. Swimming is one of the few non-impact and often therapeutic forms of exercise that one can take part in and the newly renovated club pool with its gorgeous setting by the sea offers, a breath of fresh air, beautiful views of sunrises and sunsets, relaxed leisurely swims or fast paced grueling competitive training sessions.


Effective 01.04.2016
Member Rs. 50/- per 1/2 hour
Mamber Maximum Rs. 500/- per month
Guest Rs. 100 weekdays
Guest Rs. 200 Weekends / Bank Holidays & Public Holidays
Marker Rs. 25-per 1/2 hour
Playing Member Rs. 1000 per month
Pool Table Rs. 50/- for 20 minutes
Senior Citizen 60 To 70 Years Rs. 50/-
Senior Citizen 70 And Above Rs. 50/-
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